Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What to do during the holiday distraction?

Have you noticed how trying to conduct business now is almost impossible?  I had a meeting today and the person didn't show up.  Not because they were being rude but because they were focused on the North Pole ... Christmas, shopping, making sure everything was perfect for their family.  Ugh...

Keep up the fight!  Although some of you may be distracted by the same theme, don't forget to use this 'in between' time to catch up on your list of follow-up items, letters that need to be written and your game plan for 2011 and how you're going to get the business, grow your business and make sure you are clear and concise in how you sell your product or service.

It's a time for you to build momentum by knowing that you are poised and ready to go for the new year.  Remember, next week won't be any better because people have New Years on their minds and the potential parties they may attend.  It's just two weeks of no serious business that provides all of us self-employed, business builders with free time to re-group, revise and put together new strategies.

Use this time wisely and productively and don't forget to assess how your efforts turned into business.  That's an important part of being a good business owner.  You always evaluate, get feedback and make the necessary changes as you move forward.

Happy Holidays to All !!

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