Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Advice from the Experts

I am going to be introducing a new feature to my blog and that will be to include an article from an 'expert'.  These articles will be written by individuals who have been working their respective professions for some time and who have developed a level of knowledge and experience that will be helpful to all of us working on self-employment or starting small companies. 

We all need to understand what we need to do as far as having the right insurance or knowing how to set ourselves up from a tax perspective or knowing how to 'pitch' our service or product and I thought what better way to get this kind of help but to go to the sources themselves.

As with any projects beginning, I have sent out my inquiries to the experts I know and have begun to hear back from them.  All, so far, have been willing to help with this new idea and I am looking forward to starting next Tuesday with the first of many.

Remember, there are many resources available to us when we search the Internet but it is always good to be hearing from people in different fields from a variety of backgrounds because if someone has been doing their job for many is highly probable they have some good advice to share.  The fact that they are willing to do that I think is part of the supportive community I think all of us need to create so small business thrives and survives each challenging period we face.

There will be articles written by accountants, recruiters, insurance brokers, executive coaches, bankers and attorneys and if there are any other specific professions you would like to hear from, please let me know by emailing me at

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