Thursday, April 29, 2010

Today's another day to save!

Each day we spend money without thinking about it.  A coffee, a pastry.  Lunch arrives and we go out with friends, lunch out again.  Then there's dinner and instead of cooking we choose to go out and yet another expenditure that we hadn't necessarily planned for is created...and it's probably not one that can be written off as a business expense...right?  This is not new news but these are expenses that over a month's time can add up to a significant amount of money.

Suggestion:  for just one month, keep track of all meals, snacks, waters, coffees and any treats that you buy during the day.  Many of us use our credit card or debit cards to pay for such things so it's easy to keep track by just going on-line to add these up.  Once you do this for a month and arrive at a total - divide it by the number of days of that month and you'll see how much per day you are spending that you could converted into savings! 

When you are able to determine how much you spend on food (whether it's grocery shopping or outside purchasing) then you can figure out what your real cash needs are for food per month and budget that amount for yourself.  Some people just take out the cash, put it away and draw from it when they need to buy groceries.  If you start to make your own lunch, you will be amazed how much of your "food fund" is left at the end of the month.

Just try it some time and see what you discover.  Remember what you're spending could be what you could be saving for your future and your financial security. - another step towards reducing anxiety and building confidence in your ability to manage your money.

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