Friday, August 13, 2010

Cold Calling --- UGH???

What can anyone say about cold calling?  It's not every one's cup of tea is a way to make contacts and build your business.  Personally, it's something I have pushed off for as long as I could until recently.  I will my experience with you with the hope it will motivate you to give it a try. 

Well,  the other day I walked into three banks and introduced myself to the Branch Managers.  All three individuals were very pleasant and helpful and offered valuable information on how the bank approaches referrals.  I'm a spontaneous kind of person, so I never have a set presentation in mind.  I just reach to each individual differently and have a casual discussion about the services I offer.  I make a point of learning something important about each person and use it as a way to point out the things we might have in common.  In these cases two of the three women I spoke with were real success stories and it was my pleasure to have them share these stories with me.  However, I am mindful of not taking up too much of their time and I always offer to put on a small seminar on a topic like basic checkbook management for their clients as a way to give something instead of just asking for the bank to be a referral source.  Being able to give and be generous is what I am all about and so offering to help in a way that is easy for me to do has proven to be a good thing.  After I left each bank, the experiences were so positive that they gave me a boost of encouragement. 

Don't forget though that follow-up is key when making cold calls.  In these cases, I've followed up with a letter thanking each individual for taking the time to meet with me but scheduling time in the future to drop by and say hello is critical to building long-term relationships.  I have been told that follow-up is what separates so many people from success.  Many people think that their first letter or meeting will get them the job.   That's just not how it's being able to repeat the connection, take the time to say hello show your sincere effort to not just work for the business but to build the relationship...that's when things start happening.

What can you say about cold-calling?????  I read INC Magazine and here is a link to one of their articles on tips for cold calling.  Cold Calling Tips  Remember, what works for some doesn't work for others and ultimately you have to create a scenario that works for you.  However, when you are clear in what product/service you are offering...believe in what you are doing...are sincere in your efforts...and operate from a place of honesty and integrity, cold calling becomes easy and YOU become your best ambassador of goodwill.


I want to apologize for slipping up on my writing frequency.  I was reminded by a friend that it is important to keep in keep writing and commenting so all of you know I'm still there.  

Thank you my friend for the reminder!

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