Saturday, August 21, 2010

How to convey ideas to self and others?

Just this morning I was reading the NYTimes on-line and ran across a great visual addressing all the ideas of money, finance, planning for the future that each and every one of us considers.  It was done in such a unique and creative way I just had to share it.

Here it is -  The Sketchpad: Personal Finance on a Napkin  It draws you into exploring what the ideas are about and hopefully gets you thinking about where you stand and how you would rate yourself.

As we have all learned over time, no one person has the correct answer for all which is why it is important that we take responsibility for educating ourselves about money and the ideas around managing it.  Not that we have to be a whiz at every aspect of financial planning, investments, life insurance, as that makes no sense, but it is our responsibility to ourselves to have at least a global understanding so we can choose people who can help us get to where we want to go.

That, of course, suggests that we know where we are going.  I think that answer isn't always available to folks who work hard in a jobs that only allow them to cover their basic needs.  If you are just living check to check, you may not be able to take the time to think about the future or even believe there is a financial future for you.  But believe me, even those folks who can only save a few dollars here and there are trying to plan for tomorrow.

Take a look at this article and enjoy it's message.  Hopefully for those of you who, like myself, are visual learners, you'll start thinking again how you can better manage your own personal finances.

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