Monday, September 13, 2010

Don't give up!

This morning I had to dip into my savings to cover my taxes and bills.  I was on the phone with a lovely Charles Schwab representative who sounded young enough to be my daughter.  But as the conversation ended she and I extended it to the economy and how things were going and I shared my story with her.  Why I am sharing it with you is because I found myself telling her how "hopeful" I was that these turn of events will wind me up on a really good path. And so I wanted to share that sentiment with you.

Don't give up...don't give in and don't stop believing that you can make it!  Yes, the times are challenging us in ways we really never wanted to believe were possible but that also means there are new opportunities out there that were never ever possible.  What I found myself sharing with this young woman was the importance of believing in yourself as well as the importance of being able to shift your paradigm...and create a new vision for how you will work in this new economic time.  It can be an exciting adventure and one that moves you to reach a much more comfortable place in your life.  I know people who still have plenty of financial resources but have no idea what they will do for the rest of their life.  They are young, in their 40's and are lost in the freedom they currently are experiencing.  Sometimes I think the person who is struggling is more adaptable than the person who is financially secure because they are in a survival mode which keeps you on edge...moving, vigilant and on the hunt for the next money making opportunity.

I believe that people can make their own success but that goes hand in hand with creating a lifestyle that matches the opportunities that are out there.  If you have big dreams and a big lifestyle then you are going to need to work big and work harder to maintain that.  If you have small dreams and a smaller lifestyle then your needs can be met through a smaller economic goal.  But, if you have big dreams and a smaller lifestyle then all your financial success can create a greater opportunity to not only take care of yourself and/or family but to have something left over that you can use to help others with their dreams.

So...if this Monday morning is another reminder to you that you're still struggling to make things work...don't give up....just stay committed to your your goals and make a new list of ways in which you can bring income in and stay afloat while you hone your skills as a small business owner.

I'm here in the struggle with you...wishing for the best to come to all of you!

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