Monday, September 20, 2010

Simple Ideas can funnel big dreams!

Are you an idea person?  Do you get visions of better ways to do things?  Check out the program " How I Made my Millions "episode that just aired.  What an interesting program and inspiring.

Today I read an article that said of the 14.9 million people unemployed, more than 2.2 million are 55 and older and face the possibility of never re-entering the work force.  What a great way to start the week.   It was also noted that at the current rate of 82,000 new jobs a month, it would take at least eight years for all of those people to re-enter the work force.  You do the math; if you're 55 or older now you're 63 or older in eight years - who's going to hire you then?  So what's your options?

Well, I refuse to believe that we are all over the hill and should just give up...which is why I continue to encourage anyone who is unemployed to look deep inside and find the thing they can do to create an income and personal satisfaction.  Certainly all your years of employment taught you something? What skills can translate into a self-employment venture or a new idea for a business?  When I see programs like this I smile big because they serve as a reminder to me that ideas are all around us every day and there is no better time like now to give ideas a try. 

The business ideas were based on common things; flowers, junk, recycling, shredding, shaving your head, selling things for 99 cents and bees. But the people who built these businesses all had a point at which they were able to see these things in a new & different way and were able to translate their vision into a product or service that the consumer needed and would buy.  Their stories provide say the least, because their stories can happen to you! 

So tomorrow instead of searching the Internet for a job, take time to search your world and let your mind wander and explore all kinds of possibilities.  Ask yourself questions about the things you see, the things you do and the simple stuff you use each day.  Explore your reactions to things and dig into your ideas on how you think your world could be improved. 

Remember, simple ideas can make dreams come true - just start to regularly explore thinking outside the box?  How can it be worse than sitting on the computer searching for a job that's not due to arrive for another eight years?  Be inspired now; let your mind wander.

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