Thursday, September 16, 2010

Who's running your show?

I am always looking for inspiration, pearls of wisdom and ideas that connect the things & people around me.  It seems to drive me and I get great rewards from finding connections that actually help others move forward in their business process.

This morning I thought it was time to change my inspirational line on my email signature and this one popped out at me:
"To the degree we're not living our dreams; 
our comfort zone has more control of us than we have over ourselves."  
Peter McWilliams

How appropriate that this should pop into my line of sight as I believe it is default for so many of us.  We excel in what we know and what has worked for us in our life.  It is our default when the struggle gets more difficult and we can't see the answer at hand.  Of course we fall back to what is comfortable, easily understood and well within our reach...yet what a disservice we do to ourselves.  By being willing to 'fall back' we are preparing ourselves for the status quo...more like accepting the status quo when what we really could benefit from is moving away from that.  

I believe we can use that 'fall back' mode as a signal to us.  Be painfully aware of when you retreat to that safe place where you know all the answers and don't have to worry.  Use that behavior and/or response as a 'signal' that it's time to push through the fears of moving away from what you know into the vast unknown.  I think it's a great tool to use.  What better way to know yourself and to put up your own red flag for behaviors that do not serve you if success is still looming "out there".  Yes, stretching, pushing and being that person who against all odds move through the fears is the person who gains the greatest benefit...not just in furthering their business goals but in furthering their own personal growth and development of self-esteem.  

As many of you know I like recommending resources and one of my favorites is Norm Brodsky from INC. magazine.  I have read his columns for many years and the reason I like him is his advice is based on his many years of real-life experience that anyone can relate to.  He writes like he's having a conversation with you directly and he is never one to put anyone down.  He methodically helps you find your way through intelligent questions that [believe it or not] you already know the answers to and then helps you move towards identifying the answers you need to find.  The other great thing about him is you can email him directly and ask a questions.  Check out his many articles:   Norm Brodsky Articles  He is one of the better resources I've come across over the years and INC. Magazine is well worth reading.

So today when your going through your day...make a concerted effort to gently push yourself away from your comfort zone and into your future path of success!  

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