Thursday, May 20, 2010

Getting Motivated while under the gun!

If you are reading this you too are trying to find ways to keep going...keep moving forward.  I know because that's what I'm trying to do by getting connected to others who are walking in the same shoes (though probably different size.)

When I think about how many people out there are unemployed I say to!  Now there's opportunities for all those folks out there just waiting to be seized and delivered.  What you say?  Yep, if you have worked for a number of years or possibly many years like I have, certainly you have developed skills and talents that people will buy.  Now is a great time to test the waters.  Why not?  If you're still looking for a job you have time to be creative.  Why not sit down and discover what area(s) you are truly talented in and is there a market for this talent?  Surely opening your mind to the possibilities of turning those skills / talents into self-employment cannot be bad.  As I have mentioned in a prior posting, many small businesses evolve from individuals like you and me who are 'technicians' in a particular field.  Bookkeeping, accounting, computer programming, technical engineers, plumbers, etc etc.

Why not sit down (with all this time if you are unemployed) and think about these questions:  what skills do I have that others need?  and  Is there a market for them?

In an economy where companies are downsizing, businesses cannot afford to have full time staff in all the necessary areas, it's possible you could secure some work as a contract worker or as a self-employed individual.

Let me know your thoughts.

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