Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Good References for People in Business

I've always been an advocate for reading as much as you can on business.  Not all of us are gifted in our ability to absorb knowledge or create new and exciting adventures that end up making millions of dollars.  To the contrary, most of us wind up doing things we know how to do and make a business out of it.  Paul Hawken wrote a wonderful book "Growing a Business" which was about the creation of Smith & Hawkens -- it followed his travels from beginning to end and it serves as a very inexpensive education on what it takes to make something successful. 

Another very valuable book is "The "E" Myth" by Michael Gerber.  This book really points out how people who are very skilled turn their skills into a business - self-employment opportunity but find themselves trapped by their inability to grow beyond their skills.  When I read it I had many moments of realizing I did the same.

I will follow up with other books that help you understand the challenges that all people going into business for themselves encounter.  They are fun to read and they will inspire you to never give up on your dream!

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