Thursday, June 3, 2010

Are you ready?

Well, as I've said before, there's no time like the present to re-think your business future.  If you're still not working and just wondering what to do [in such a down economy] but you have skills and/or business ideas that you believe you can 'sell' then why not give more consideration to that? 

I'm a  big believer that when you have spent many years as an "employee" you develop blinders that you aren't even aware exist.  You grow to think of yourself and your talents in an employee oriented way and thus fail to see all the many other opportunities that are really out there.  I experienced this myself.  After working straight from 17 to 46 I suddenly found myself "unemployed" - yes, the big layoff found me and there I was.  I was angry, frightened and frustrated.  How did this happen?  I've always been an A+ employee yet here I was, due to circumstances beyond my control, out of a job. 

After a few months of being completely angry and going on job interviews where I found myself feeling almost hostile towards the person interviewing me I made the decision to do something.  Yes, take my future in my hands and assess my skills and see what I could do.  To be honest it took a couple years before those 'employee blinders' finally dropped off and I began to see opportunities everywhere.  Any idea was a good idea and any opportunity that crossed my path was one I considered.  I felt fortunate because in the many positions I held and jobs I had taken throughout my working life I developed a "jack of all trades" skill-base that served me well when deciding what I had to offer business owners.

So take a chance on yourself and what your years of 'learning on the job' has taught you.  An article I just read from INC magazine is one that will give you more to think about to determine if you are ready or even want to take the leap!  Check it out -- YOU could be the first entrepreneur in your household!

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