Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just one day at a time!

As I sit here signing letters to be mailed to potential clients I feel the anxiety building over how I will get the clients.  I don't know how anyone else copes but for me I just acknowledge my anxiety and continue to do things towards the end I am looking at on the horizon.

It helps to have good friends you can talk to or do some things to be distracted by.  My inclination is to keep my nose to the grindstone but as tempting as that is to sooth my anxiety, it doesn't make sense.  After you work on business for 3 or 4 hours, get up and take a break.  Go for a run, a bike ride, a walk or even sit back with a cup of coffee and read a book.  Those down times are equally as important as the focused building business times.  It is through these down times and relaxation that our creative minds can work and be released.

Sounds crazy ... not so.  Just try it - and see what bubbles up and write back and let me know.

Now...get busy and relax!

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