Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Time marches on!

Well I was thinking about everyone out there trying to find a job and wondering how many are finally exploring the opportunity of self-employment?  I just don't see what anyone has to lose when it comes to using your accumulated skills and talents to create a life you'd like and make some money too?  There are many ways to approach the personal search but just begin by asking yourself over and over, what do I want to do??? and how do my skills and talents match?

We are all in the same boat here and unlike other points in time, the unemployment rate continues to be high and the job opportunities continue to be low.  If you search Craigslist regularly, as I do, you begin to notice how few "new" postings are there ... new jobs, more jobs - much is the same old job just listed in another way.  There are also postings that look like jobs but they are really search companies soliciting for new applicants.  Of course you can post your resume and see what pops but what I've found is each time I do it or revise it I get emails from weirdo's wanting to sell something.

Even when I post for myself I get emails from marketing and sales people offering to increase my client base.  This seems like a new phenomonon  -  I wondering how these people set themselves up to discover my little posting?  It's crazy if you ask me - I don't even believe there are real people out there but more a computer program written to search and find new postings that fit a particular parameter.

Another way to go is new training for a new destiny - perhaps there was a profession you've always wanted to try or had a passion about ... why not now?  What better way to use your time than to be retrained?  There are grants out there that will help you pay for it as well.  One website I found through a women in business website [so it appears to be legitimate] and you can search for grants to help you with starting a new business, funding to sustain you through the process, educational assistance etc.  Why not see what you might find?  It can't hurt to look and in the process you may get some new ideas.  Here's the link:  http://www.newusafunding.com/?tc=go&gclid=CLmppOiboKICFRNZiAodF0FOvg

Good luck - as Tim Gunn from Project Runway always says "Make it Work!"  ... for you!

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