Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Advice from the Experts - Banking

As I mentioned, I'm trying to incorporate a feature called "Advice from the Experts" which will have articles addressing topics like banking, taxes, entity formation, marketing and any service small business owners would need and use. 

Today I have information on banking and small business banking services provided by one of our local banks, US Bank.  I've met with the Branch Manager, Andy Yang, who is enthusiastic and committed to top customer service that helps the individual customer as well as small businesses throughout his local community.

He has put together some of the services US Bank offers to small business owners.

1) Accounts: How we at US Bank help out new business owners or sole proprietors, is starting out with the basics. First essential thing is establishing a business account, and not use a personal account for business activities. Reasoning behind it is, you can use a business account for tax purpose(write-off, etc. but speak to a CPA for tax questions), and business account builds for future business lending needs and it establishes your business.
Because we know new businesses need a place to start, USB provides Free Small Business Checking account. It comes with NO monthly maintenance fee, 50% off first checks up to $75, free cash reward debit card, 150 free transactions per month, and free online banking access.
USBank's focus, is in line with my focus, which is to build deeper relationships with our clients.
Andy Yang
Branch Manager

Menlo Park Office
1105 El Camino Real
Menlo Park CA 94025

I think all of us have had our share of good and bad experiences with banks and bankers.  I can tell you from personal experience that Andy Yang is what we are all looking for in a personal banker.  When you walk into his branch in Menlo Park, he greets you and takes the time to find out how you are, what you need and how he can help you find a solution. 

In fact, one day I was in the bank making a deposit for a customer and a gentleman came in carrying his luggage.  Andy greeted the man (who he knew because he was a customer) and found out that he needed to call a cab.  Andy moved his luggage to the side and brought him over to his desk where he got him the ride he needed.   This is what Andy offers to his customers...a personal relationship that is not just about banking but about helping you in small ways that can make big differences in how you feel about your bank.

So, if you to create a business banking relationship, a small business loan or are looking for the personal touch that may be missing at your current banking institution, give Andy Yang a call. 

Learn more about US Bank by visiting their website US Bank .

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