Monday, November 15, 2010

Just Keep Going!

Keeping to your vision is quite a feat of courage and resolve.

Maybe it's me but there are times when so many opinions come at me about what I should I should do it...why I'm not a sales person...don't have the "killer" instinct to close...maybe I should get a government job...the list goes on and on.  All intentions are good intentions but over time and when there's a lull in productivity...I get to wondering myself.  Just what the heck am I doing?

No one really knows what it is that is driving you but you!  People who know you 'think' they know what's going on in your head but in fact they only have their opinions and experiences of you.  Even those folks who are very successful sometimes can make comments that really have no basis for you to move forward.  These comments are based on their path to success and no two people are alike...right?  So what do you do when you're on overload and feeling a bit confused about what you're doing and where you're going?

JUST KEEP GOING...know that these periods of questioning are just part of the journey.  Things come our way to challenge our resolve.  Do we have what it takes to build a business that will take care of our financial needs and allow us to have a life that is comfortable?  One thing you can do is get out and change your daily pattern.  Get out into the world and observe what's going on.  Interact in areas totally unrelated to your business and feed your head with pleasant and enjoyable experiences that will re-generate and relieve any anxiety or tension.  Take a yoga class ... walk in the park ... if you golf, go out and hit balls or play 9 holes.  Give yourself an opportunity to re-charge your batteries.  Stop the rumination over work and provide yourself with input that will feed your sense of doing what is right for you...what feels good and what you know is all you can do right now.

We live in challenging times and society applies pressure on everyone to get hard...put in long hours...sacrifice so you get ahead....don't give work work....make sure you buy all the symbols that signify success...on and on and on.  DON'T GET clear on who you are...what you want...and where YOU want to go - stay on track...and just keep going!  One step at a time.  Don't give up the idea that you can have your own business.  The opportunities are there...just rest your mind and unconscious and allow solutions to bubble up.   You'll be surprised what might just 'pop' into your head!

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