Thursday, November 18, 2010

More Banking Info

My colleague at US Bank is a high energy, committed to top customer service banker and because of that he has sent me more information on how he and his bank can help small business customers sustain and grow their business through business loans.

Business Loans:
In small business, a lot of times business owners would use their own capital or liquid assets. It is always good in the beginning or some what in their near future after growth of the business to get some sort of credit product. In doing so, it builds your businesses credit, and makes it credit worthy for any future big loans, like a loan for buying a building, equipment, or expanding the business. A business loan is also advantageous, because it can free up your liquid assets, or for those who have are waiting to receive payment from customers or vendors, it can provide that cash flow.
Things US Bank provides in business credit products are: basic as a Business credit card( a great way to start business credit), Equipment financing(Flexible terms, great rates, possible tax savings), Cash flow lines of credit, Quick loans (Term loans), Commercial Real Estate loans.
Depending on industry risk of businesses, US Bank also provide SBA loans for those in business less than 2 yrs. We also provide SBA Patriot Express loans up to $25,000 for those applicants or spouse that is a veteran or current member of military, reserves or national guard.
Thank you!
Andy Yang
Branch Manager
Menlo Park Office
1105 El Camino Real
Menlo Park CA 94025
Creating a strong banking relationship is something that happens over time.  Because you are doing so many things when you are running your own business, even if you are self-employed, knowing that your money is in good hands and that you are getting the best rates for business checking accounts and savings accounts or business loans is something that creates peace of mind.
So when time is available give Andy a call and see what he can do to help you!

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