Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Quick Computer Password Info

Computer intelligence can take time to get up to speed on.  Knowing how to manage your computer information takes focus and the time to really think about back up, passwords, protection etc.  Because most of us gather and disseminate information via our computers/laptops it behooves us to be at least minimally informed.  Have the proper back up system in place (and do regular backups) and if we don't have the time, find a reliable source for this area of business and get that person in to review and advise what's working, where your holes are and make recommendations on what you might need moving forward as you grow.

Here's one article on passwords.  There's some good information that will be helpful.  Just one more resource for you to have.  5 Password Myths Dispelled

Here's another article on passwords that provides useful information.  How a Pas5word Can Sink Your Company   This one is from the NYTimes who has a comprehensive section on business.

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