Sunday, November 7, 2010

Getting Started...each day!

Sometimes it's tough to be optimistic and other times it's just plain tough to get off our butts and move.  There are so many things that end up on our personal agendas that we can get to a place where we feel overwhelmed by all that needs to be done.

I think it's especially challenging for those of us, self-employed, trying to make a living.  Besides having to be the creative director of our future...we need to pay bills, take care of family commitments (if we have families) pay health insurance [which is really a bugger] and get out and meet and greet people, hoping to make contacts and drum up business.

What I do when I'm feeling stuck is I just do one thing.  I get myself re-involved with what needs to get done by making a 'To Do' list.  It helps me see that first, I do have work to do and that is a good thing; and second, that I do have ideas and possibilities for more work.  Third, I am part of a community and not isolated and alone and all I have to do is get out and re-connect with that community.

Sometimes all it takes is walking down the street, saying hello to those I meet.  Other times I go to a shopping center and walk around and see how many people are out and about.  I find when I just let myself relax and get out, that my creative sense ignites and ideas start flowing.  This always gives me hope for the future and my ability to creative a business and a life that flow together.  My instincts tell me that I need to be doing that which helps others.  I know that's how I'm my business is all about helping people be prosperous - in life and /or in their business.  It's not just about getting their bills paid and money collected.  No, it's making sure that they are are the right track, for them, so they can be successful and prosperous in a life that means something.

Of course sometimes we lose track of such ideas because now, more than ever, we are working hard to either get new business or keep the business we have in an economy struggling...but when we can clear our heads from the anxiety about all that is going on around us and come back to what our part is and how we can do better at our part...somehow it brings back the positive energy and clarity that helps us all wake up excited about the new day!

Today is Sunday...make it a day that will re-energize you and your attitude for today and tomorrow!

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